Infrastructure and Environment for the operation of processes (ISO 9001 7.1.3 & 7.1.4)


I'm looking for advise on what CB auditors would be looking for to evidence 7.1.3 and 7.1.4 of ISO 9001:2015. I'm very familiar with CB auditors verifying the inspection dates of fire extinguishers as a way of evidencing compliance with legal requirements and provision of infrastructure but I also hear of NC's being raised against the same clauses for not maintaining an assets register(!) to evidence the provision of infrastructure.

For me maintaining an assets register wouldn't necessarily indicate that the correct and adequate infrastructure and environment is being provided.... it's just a list of what might be in the organisation.

Any guidance?


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If as an auditor I became aware that the organization depends on e-mail, and I found out the e-mail server is at your friends company, I might ask how the friends company has been informed of your requirements, and what safeguards are in place that the system would be able to deliver its intended results even in the event your friend went on vacation.


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Just thinking out loud here.....

It might be helpful to think of "...determine, provide, maintain..." as the P,D,C respectively in a PDCA.

That is, you have some overall plan of what you need for infrastructure, which could be in a relatively high-level list or such, unless detailed specs are required (e.g., a cleanroom). Then, you define how you provide ("Do") those resources, which might include references to purchasing procedures, contractor hiring, approvals needed, engineering steps, etc. Finally, you have a maintenance list and process for those items that require maintenance.

The "Act" step of PDCA would be what to do when 1) infrastructure reqmts change (location change, process change, etc.) or 2) a piece of infrastructure fails and has to be repaired/replaced.

On a sidenote: as a small company, we incorporated fire extinguisher checks and exit/emergency light checks into our bimonthly 5S audit.
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