Infrastructure and work environment



Another help topic...Would you define infrastructure as something tangible and a work environment as intangible? I am trying to get a clear understanding of what is meant by this. After speaking with my auditor, he stated the work environment may include such requirements as those found in ISO 14000 and DTF or lean manufacturing. He explained infrastructure as the building and may include preventive maint programs, but infrastructure could also include the resources within the building. Such as part (c) supporting services. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.




Work environment: conditions under which work is performed;i.e physical, social, environment (temperature, ergonomics, possibly recognition)

Infrastructure: the system of facilities, equipment, services etc. needed for an organization to function.

These are from notes I had in up-grade course ofr auditors. Think they came from IS0 9000:2000-vocabulary.
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