Initial Samples with dimensional deviation in Serial Production


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I have received an IS report from my customer. In dimensional report, one critical dimension is out of tolerance as 0,02 while dimension is ?3,65?0,05. There are 5 acceptance categories for each dimensional item such "approved", "approved in state", "to be supervised", "rejected" and "drawing update". So, for the above dimension, decision is "to be supervised". According to cover sheet of the report, final decision is samples approved but at the remark section, same comment is written (dimension 3,65 to be supervised). Customer has opened serial production order. I would like to ask, what should I do during the serial production if the dimension is out of tolerance.
Thanks in advance for comments.
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"To Be Supervised" (TBS) to me is a meaningless classification. The options for parts out of tolerance but still functional appear to be:

  • Use As Is (with formal approved deviation)
  • Fix It (do not ship until repaired)
  • Adjust Nominal / Tolerance on Blueprint
As far as the TBS, get clarification from your customer as to how they would like you to proceed. In my industry (automotive), the fix it option is usually our customers first choice.

The deviation route is usually reserved for when everything so far behind schedule that there isn't time for any other option.

Changing the blueprint is usually the last option of choice because it makes the customer's design team look incompetent. The question raised at this point in the discussion is why did engineering define a functional part as being non-conforming and thereby increasing production costs.


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Thank you so much for your interest proud liberal. Some customers want to apply automotive disiplines to their supplier quality management systems. But if they don't have enough knowledge, they leave their suppliers in difficult and suspense situations in many cases.
Thank you again.
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