Initial Supplier Identification, Review and Controls


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Hi all,

I'm curious to see how others choose to identify their suppliers and decide what level of controls to have in place during the initial review for approval phase.

How do you drill down and define supplier type differences (Distributor, MRO, COTS, Service, Product included on the BOM, Product utilized in the manufacturing process (chemicals, finish media, etc.) which is either consumed or will not be part of the end product)?


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Howdy dubrizo,

I typically start with suppliers listed on my customers' QPL/ASL. That will at least tell me whether they are going to suffice. When I don't have that doc to fall back on I will have purchasing reach out to other contacts for the best fit.

We scope our suppliers/processors pretty vaguely. We have (6) primary Scopes that we define and a few very specific scopes for suppliers where we or our customer has them limited for a reason like lack of certification. This has worked well for us but we have a robust communication path between quality and supply chain to allow for that.
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