Initiation Procedure For Preventive Actions


Jim Biz

"For what it is worth"

We initiate PREVENTATIVE" as a result of two things

1) Management Review meeting results
2) Plant Managers/Incident review board - analysis of information for trends in need of prevention.

Probably many-many other/(better?) ways to do it - but we setteled on this because of the built-in confusion in the differences between CA & PA, as discussed here in a number of threads. We do allow IE require all employees to initiate a correctives but also have the incident review board screen these to determine the true magnitude of the problem & risks involved.



Could anyone offer their procedure for initiating Precentive Actions? Right now our Manufacturing Manager shoulders that job, which I believe should be the responsibility of everyone, not just him. I am inclined to include all employees in the grand scheme, and let him follow-up on them. I believe this gives a more global aspect to the program, and finally opens it up to all processes here. So, how is everyone actually initiating their PA's?

Greg Mack

Hey Russ,

I always tend to look for good things in the way of results as means of finding easy preventive actions to implement.

For example, a good result for the "xyz process" for the month of June should allow investigation to occur on why we had a good result as opposed to the other months. The resulting actions would then be preventive in the way of identifying the reasons for the good performance. The replication of the "good" process would be your evaluation of the actions taken.

Good luck!


Aren't you simply following up on Corrective Action(s) that were initiated previously against that particular (xyz) process? It would be, IMHO, Preventive if you chose another process, but capable of producing the same type on nonconformity. No? Just muddying up the water a bit!


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E Wall

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Exerpts of our work instruction dealing with Corrective and Preventive actions:


5.1 The Preventive Action System consists of several Preventive Action Subsystems. Preventive actions may be initiated as result of process trends, management-designated roadmaps, staff meetings, or internal audit feedback.

5.2 Process Trend Preventive Action
5.2.1 Preventive actions may be initiated as a result of data collected on process trends.
5.2.2 These preventive actions usually take the form of periodic maintenance or machine adjustments.
5.2.3 Department Supervisors usually manage these actions.

5.3 Process trend preventive actions are also discussed during Management Review Meetings and periodic management status meetings.
5.3.1 Preventive actions that may have major consequences if not addressed may be assigned to specific members (an Improvement Team) of the management team or may be addressed within Departmental Meetings.

5.4 Internal Audit Preventive Actions are administered through the Internal Quality System Audit procedure, CWI-17-QAD-0000.

5.5 Preventive Maintenance is administered through the Preventive Maintenance System, CWI-14-MNT-0000.
5.5.1 PM’s are issued through the MP2 Preventative Maintenance software.

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