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I am looking for information on best methods, tools, education or links on best practices in quality on injection molding parts. I am new to plastics,the more i read the more confused i get. Is there a simple quality assurance book such as from Juran.
I also would also be interested in education on injection molding for someone in my position in my area. Connecticut.


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Start with this online book preview.

Most effective process control of injection molding starts with determination of the critical process parameters through tools such as designed experiments, then automated or statistical control of these process parameters.


Wow, I wish I could get that book. I wonder if I can sell my boss on buying it, very high priced but the preview seemed worth it. I didnt see any way that I could print or save the preview. There was a lot of information there, I will send the link to my boss and say I need something like this. I need ediucation in plastics. I also will follow the other links suggested.
Design of experiments, wow I left that staisitcal tool back 20 years ago in class. Any easy to understand book for that one. Is it time to retire? No, I 'm not giving up yet.



Once again, I am thank full for the people who contribute by answering questions from a plethra of subjects. Without this site, I might have jumped ship long ago butI have always felt I had quality collegues to boune ideas off and learn through this web site. I am not sure there is anything quite like this for other professions.
I have looked over the links , including the design of exp. I have a lot to learn but I am willing.
Thank you, all at Elsmar cove. Have a Happy New Year:applause:


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Dynisco's hand book on injection molding by Whelan and Geoff, Injection molding machines by Ruben and Whelan, Handbook on Injection molding by Rosalto are some of the good books you can refer to.


I wanted to know if there is an authoritative source on sharp edges
on molded abs parts refered to as mold flash, like a standard, I primarily want to know if there was a good standard out there that made referance
to avoiding cutting skin etc. I am not sure if the basic molding book would contain any information about sharp edges on plastic and mold flash and controlling sharp edges as such let me know if anyone knows of a good standard.

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