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Input to ANOVA 1-WAY - How can I perform this analysis in minitab?

Hi all,

I'm going to perform in Minitab an ANOVA 1 way analysis. My problem is that for each factor i got not the entire data set but only the sample mean and the sample variance.

For intance:

Factor 1 ( mean1, sample_variance1)
Factor 2 (mean2, sample_variance2)

How can i perform this analysis in minitab?

Thank you

-Alessandro Musso Iudica


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A 1-way ANOVA, by definition, can only analyze multiple levels for 1 factor. For 2 factors, you would use a 2-way ANOVA. Did you mean levels rather than factors?

Also, the 1 way ANOVA in Minitab cannot handle summarized data such as you described. The 2-sample t-test does have such an option, if that will work for you. The only other option that you could try, if you know the sample sizes for the summarized data and are confident that the data were normally distributed, would be to generate random normal data using the means, variances and sample sizes, then perform your ANOVA.

Bev D

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Can you get the raw data?

Also why are you performing the analysis if you weren’t the one performing the experiment? too often it’s not the analysis of hte resutls that matter but the study design itself and the question it’s trying to answer. Get that wrong and no amount nor mathematical manipulation will give you the right answer....
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