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Insert Empty Column Using Minitab Macro




I have been fooling around with creating a Minitab macro to help me automate several tedious tasks.

My question is how can I insert a blank column in a worksheet in the macro language of Minitab. When I insert one manually through Editor-->Insert Columns it does not show up on the history tab in the project manager (which is, in part, how I have been teaching myself).

Sorry if this is a simple question, I'm not very familiar with the Minitab macro language.

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Barbara B


AFAIK there doesn't exist an entry in the history, because you have to (manually) select the column(s) previous to insert new ones. And the manual selection can't be done with Minitab language.

I would use a workaround: There are 3 columns containing data c1: col1, c2: col2, c3: col3 and you want to insert 4 columns between columnd 1 and column 2:

Copy c2-c3 c6-c7. Copy the content of column 2 and 3 to column 6 and column 7 (you could apply this to an arbitrary number of colums)
Erase c2-c3. Clear content and names of column 2 and 3
Name c6 "col2" c7 "col3". Name column 6 and 7 with the former names of column 2 and 3.

This should work with execs, local and global macros. Hope this helps :bigwave:

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