Inspection Database Picker - Creating an Inspection Report



I?m trying to create an inspection report generated by clicking on multiple drop down boxes. To help me accomplish this, I?ve been doing research online as well as access training. However, I?m still in need of some help in setting up the tables and relationships properly. Here?s some background:
When we receive a component from a customer for inspection, and subsequently repair, I would like our inspector(s) to pick from multiple drop down menus to select recommended repairs.
The hierarchy to select a repair would be as follows:
1. Component
a. Section
i. Feature
1. Findings
a. Recommended Repair(s)
There could be multiple findings per feature each with its own list of recommended repairs. Also the findings and recommended repairs could be the same for different components. For instance, ?No relevant findings? and recommended to ?Use as is.?
The only information that I need the inspectors to manually input is: Customer name, inspector name, purchase order numbers, and date of inspection. The Recommended Repairs will be pre-populated for the inspectors for every component. Eventually I will need to create a form to revise existing components or add new ones.
Do I need tables for each item with a high likely-hood of repeatability? That is?something similar to the following?
tblComponents ? Component ID, Component
tblSections ? Section ID, Sections
tblFeatures, Feature ID, Features
tblFindings ? Findings ID, Findings
tblRecommended Repairs ? Component ID, Section ID, Feature ID, Finding ID, Inspector ID, Customer ID, Recommended Repair
tblInspectors - Inspector ID, First Name, Last Name
tblCustomers ? Customer ID, Customer Name, Order ID
tblOrders ? Order ID, Purchase order number, Date of Inspection

From what I?ve found online this should be setup as a ?survey? type database.
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