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Inspection - Done right, it can be a marketing advantage

Over a number of years here in the Cove, I have written about my high tech contract machining business which I ran from 1990 to 2000. Since we may be shutting down the Cove in a few months, I offer you a last chance to review some of these to see if anything might be pertinent to YOUR situation, either as supplier or customer.

Regular Cove readers may be familiar with my frequent rants against Kwality Kops (those Keystone Kop types who relish their power to say gotcha when they detect a nonconformance.)

Ideally, there is no us versus them rivalry in the workplace. All should be happy to work toward a common goal of a more efficient, profitable environment.

I have written previously that our Quality guys did not perform routine inspections - they designed the inspection protocol for each part and trained operators, interfaced with customers and suppliers, and acted as court of last resort when issues arose.

In my own operation, I took the police action out of the quality function and had a much happier workforce. The following post is an overview description of what we did. Perhaps you might glean some insight into helping your organization work in cooperation instead of conflict.

I went into more detail in this series of posts: Wes Bucey on an efficient shop - empowerment (This is a single post (#18) in a longer thread - the url leads directly to the post - it is associated with a follow-up in post #20) Wes Bucey on quoting and empowerment (This is a single post (#20) in a longer thread - the url leads directly to the post)

In process and final inspection: Re: Inspection Dimensional Check Sheets - Over 500 part numbers (

Who inspects? I, too, ran a shop where primary responsibility... (

Control Charts In my high tech machining business (1990 -2000),... (

What makes sense? In point of fact, I have seen several operations... (
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Thanks, Wes. All too frequently, that brush paints broadly in both directions; Kwality Kops (which I've always called Quality Jerks) trying to control every aspect of everything, and Operations Jerks who believe "Quality" should be responsible for the quality of everything. Getting rid of the "us-vs-them" mentality is always a challenge.
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