Inspection Plan for Microscope Objective Lens


The question that I have related to Microscope Objective Lens. We ordered microscope objective lens from Nikon, lately, these parts came in with pieces of dirt/lint inside the objective lens. I tried to contact Nikon but has no luck. Does anyone have an idea on how to inspect objective lens, and what type of equipment do we need? We are not a med device company, we currently don't have any microscope to test the lens.

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The dirt will affect the function in that there will be ugly spots on your images which may interfere with use and measuring.

If you find a vendor that services microhardness testers or similar they might be able to help with cleaning / inspection of the objective.


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Are you buying this lens to install on equipment you are using? Or buying it for your microscope to use your microscope?

If the former, I would suggest a use test...whether in a mock-up of your equipment, or in an actual microscope.
If the latter...I would put it on your microscope and look through it. (Pass/Fail in use test).

It seems a rarity that there would be an issue, so I would opt for an in use test.

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I may be off on this - but this should be a 'catolog part'? what is the stated quality of the lens? seems liek this should be a straightforward return facilitated through your procurement return and replace facilitated by your purchasing group...


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but this should be a 'catolog part'?
Agreed...that's why I wondered if it was instead being used as piece of a different 'machine'.
For personal use, try it and see.
For part of a custom'll want to vet it first on incoming QC

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