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According to ISO9001:2015, when organization translating customer voice into their internal process, the organization shall consider the customer voice tranlsation process under its context and interest parties' interests. Currently our company plan to have one internal ITP and one external ITP to process customer orders. The external ITP will be given to customer; while the internal ITP is only kept internally, which is align with internal production order and have extra QA requirements in it comparing with internal ITP.

Sales suggests to have this process in place, in case customer wants extra QA docs and organization still can provide the extra QA docs to customer; however both internal and external ITPs must be reviewed and signed off by QA before process customer orders.

Not sure if this new process will conform to ISO9001 requirements and practically will run smoothly? Thanks.


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Excellent Idea! This is what you call Identification of Customer Specific Requirements which needs to be identified during Contract Review process.
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