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This is Alexi
Our company is ISO 9002 certified since September 1999. Our first surveillance will be on March 2000. In connection to the coming version of ISO 9000:2000, is it true that we could update our system in line to ISO 9000:2000 on our third surveillance or we could just update it right after the official release of ISO 9000:2000? And what will happen to our previous documentation after we change the system? I hope you could help me ..By studying ISO 9000:2000, it already gives me a headache, that's whay I want to have some advance information from the experts..
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I can't remember the specifics, however I think you have a year or 2 after release of ISO9001:2000 (Dec 2000?) to comply.

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the registrars are starting to add some of the requirements to the audits "opportunities for improvement" only of course...just to get you looking at them. The typical requirement is you will start being assessed (ever so gingerly, reporting the status quo) at the first visit after the final release, and you have 2 years to pull it together, some say 3 visits. Its pretty much registrar dependant how they phase it in.
My suggestion is to get a hold of a cross reference, add your stuff to it, make it part of the QA manual...start to address the holes if there are any. Then if you want to attack the entire system format, you have all the time in the a change is not required, just compliance to the content.
The cross reference will guide you and the auditor anywhere you need to go.

Lets not forget......the auditor will be converting his thought process as well....the new standard will be a bear to audit, given how difficult it is to teach an old dog new tricks.

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The RAB discourages ISO-9000:2000 registration before the document is officialy released (11/2000). Which means accredited registrars probably will not issue any certification until 11/00. The RAB's official policy is that it is ok for registrars to perform "baseline" audits to the 2000 standard by adding a little time on to surveillance (or registration) audits. This will not be considered consulting. From the time the standard is released, compaies will be given 3 years to upgrade to the 2000 revision. Companies will be able to be certified to the 1994 version 6 months after the release of the 2000 revision, after which all new registrations must be to the new standard. During that 6 month period registrars are allowed to issue certificates to either version.

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Alexi, your registrar should provide you with some information on their plans and process for assessing your quality system to the new standard and the time frame for you to achieve compliance. It will not occur in a short time. They allow reasonable time for you to make the transition. Make sure that this is a point of discussion when you have your surveillance in March. The Registrar can make noises about using the 2000 version but they cannot reasonably expect you to initiate any significant changes until the standard is published.
You may find some valuable info on the official website for ISO & TC176. Basically you can start to implement new concepts raised in y2k revision as soon as you feel confident.
We are offering to audit our clients to 9ky2k requirements, and identifying areas which have not been addressed. I have re-written our self-evaluation checklists around ISO9001:2000(DIS) and our training courses also include new requirements. We have been conducting process-focussed audits for the last 3 years so that is not an issue for most of our clients (or auditors). Where clients have documented their system around the clauses of the system, we have said they will not need to rewrite the structure around the 4 sections of the 2000 revision although they will have to make sure they have inserted any additional requirements. Also, the current revision is DIS (draft international standard) which may change potentially prior to its launch as a standard towards the end of this year. Also, the transition period should be three years from the issue of the standard, so you are looking at around Nov 2003 to have your system ready. No need to panic!

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