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One of the directors at my plant has picked up this buzzword and has got me looking into it. We already have an "IMS" of sorts, in that we have QS9000 and ISO14000.

The next thing is to see how we can integrate some other systems into our existing system e.g. the H&S standards OHSAS18000 and other things like IIP.

I'd be real interested to know if anyone else is operating an IMS who can give me some ideas as to what it's all about and how to create one.

Leeds, UK

Andy Bassett

I might be giving you a bum steer, but in place of IMS i would usually use the term Business Management System.

Under BMS i would very simply lump together all the processses in the company, if they are ISO related or simply needed to manage the company (the creation of marketing Plans for example).

To my mind it doesnt matter what the motivation was for the company to implement the system, i would bring it under the umbrella of the BMS, in the same format, and then apply the Plan Do Check Act procedure to improve it.

Incidentally, if you find that you are in a company that is overloaded with initiatives (maybe for good reason) i would take a look at using the Business Excellence Model, simply because it provides a framework to gather together all your initiatives (There is a section in Business Excellence for every initiative you could wish to think of)and monitor the progress, preventing your company from getting lost.


Andy B

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