Integrating Audits - Is it worth it?



Greetings all from across the pond. I have a thought provoking subject that I hope you can shed not a little wisdom on.

"Examining the cost benefits of integrating health, safety and quality auditing"

Specific Issues:-
1. Is it practical to have an integrated system – how much time, money and resources will it take to integrate your separate systems?
2. Evidence that an integrated system improves performance
3. How long after implementing an integrated audit are the benefits visible?
4. How do safety and environmental agencies view integrated auditing – will individual agencies want to be shown separate results for their areas of concern?
5. Will integrating systems compromise standards for individual audits?
6. Will you have to audit more frequently because potentially you’re not being as thorough as when auditing individual areas of interest?

Finally, my reason for asking, I'm after some convincing reasons (save money!)to go down the integration route


some convincing reasons not to go down the route as it will dilute individual areas.

I can appreciate both sides of the 'argument', but would appreciate some comments from the wisest in the land (grovel). Any views, links etc welcome.


Steven Truchon

Bill, I have not heard of integrating audits until your post. After giving it some thought, I would like to say a couple things that are purely my opinion. If audit integration is something that is commonplace in industry, I am unaware of it.

I for one would find it more difficult to manage in general. When I have my QS audit teams out in the trenches I really want their focus on QS issues specifically. Im afraid if I have Safety and Health matters mixed in, neither will be as effective as they are by themselves. Also my QS auditors and my Safety Committee are two seperate groups of people.
Im really anxious to read other replies to this.
Steven Truchon
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