Integrating ISO 14001 into QS-9000 w T/E or ISO 9001


Linda Jurasin

Integrating 14000 into QS9000 w T/E or ISO 9001

I would like to know if anyone has or is in the process of integrating 14000 into their QMS. The division of the company I work for is QS9000 w T/E while the other three divisions are ISO 9001. We have an EMS implemented which pretty much follows the standard. However since receiving our letters from the Big 3 requiring 14000 certification, we are not sure if 14000 should be integrated into the ISO 9001 side of the business or QS9000 w T/E. I could use a lot of help so any information or comments would be appreciated.


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Pretty much follows the standard? Either it does or doesn't...there is no room allowed for pretty much.
If you've already got 9K & QS9K in place it would seem to me that the common elements between them shold be up and running. Check the matrix for 14, 9 & QS9, & compare their common traits. If you meet them great...if you don't, then you still have some work to do.

Ask yourself this big question. Are we being required by our customer to have integrated systems? Your actions will depend on that answer.

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In my view, integrating any Management System be a quality or Environment may not be demanded by any customer. BUT BUT BUT, it is for your ease and betterment and to make life of MR pleasent, one should go for integration of Systems.
Imagine, one Apex manual, one Policy, less nos. of work instructions and formats.
In my comapny initially i have EMS and QMS seperate but there are lot many W.I. which cater both system's needs. I am planning to merge both in a short time.


I think you are going in the right direction. Merging QMS and EMS will serve you to a great extent, esp. if you happen to be the Management Rep. for both the systems. If you have already registered to ISO 9000:2000 or are planning to, then it will be better to integrate EMS with ISO 9000:2000.
To start with look into how you could integrate the QMS and EMS objectives . There may be some over lap.

best of luck!



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A sister facility of ours in Chile has successfully merged ISO 9002, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001. They have one top-level Operations Manual and have merged documentation wherever possible. Using the same registrar, they have been able to have audits to all three standards at the same time. Internal Audits are a bit longer and cumbersome as they audit to all three Standards, but in the end, they say that it has been all worthwhile putting everything under into their "Operations System".


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It never ceases to amaze me how so called "3rd World" organizations can accomplish what this company in Chile has and the more "mature" US organizations can't even balance their checkbook.


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I was really impressed their system and their ability to combine them, too, Randy! So much so, in fact, that when Management sent me down to Brasil to check out our Head Office and 3 plants, I begged for a divert on the trip home to Chile (stating it was 'just a mountain range away')...I'm an Engineer...not a Geography major! :vfunny:

Having seen their system in place, I was most impressed! They have gone above and beyond the call of the ISO 9002 Standard, having won a Chilean Quality Award (comparable to Baldridge) recently and are competing for the South American one this year. They were also recently voted the 4th best place to work in Chile. For those of you reading this thinking "That doesn't mean much", this is a steel mill and they came behind Microsoft, HP, and Compaq (before they merged, obviously). For a steel mill to be in the top 5 with high tech firms, coming in 4th is rather impressive.

They are very proud of their system and rightfully so! Thanks to my hop over the Andes, I've made some wonderful contacts at our Chilean sister plant. My counterpart and I are working together as we both transition practically simultaneously to ISO 9001:2000. And as my plant is going for ISO 14001:1996, I've been working on ways, with Chile's help, to merge the EMS into our existing QMS programme to create a Business Management System. So good! :)


Integrated Systems


I have worked with several companies that integrated their systems. Some have partially integrated, others have fully integrated. The level of integration depends on the organization. Common areas, such as document control, management review and others tend to integrate pretty well. Others such as identifying aspects might not integrate at all. The most important thing I can tell you is to have a system that works for you. If integration makes sense, then integrate. One factor to consider is, if you have a combined QMS/EMS management rep, then integration will tend to make more sense than if you have different folks performing the two tasks.


I agree with the gist of what the other posters have stated. Combine and integrate where logical and practical: Document control; training, awareness and competence; internal audits; management review all lend themselves to commonalities between Quality and Environmental Management system (we are ISO 14001 and QS9000 registered). Other aspects (pun intended: ASPECTS) are peculiar to 14001 so that part of the procedure manual has to stand alone.

One thing to be said: we do have a separate procedure manual for each system, however. You might find this easier as you go for ISO 14001 registration and then continually improve by cross-referencing one procedure to another.

One area I have found is not as easy to combine in spite of apparent similarity is Corrective action. In QS context, Corrective Action usually (not always) means customer 8Ds from Quality rejections, with documented preventive and internal corrective actions thrown in for good measure -not to forget impact... In EMS, we ended up revising the 8D form for an "Environmental 8D form" where Containment was clarified as "Impact Mitigation"....which in the case of a spill (e.g. hydraulic oil) is quite literally containment in the first definition of the term.


We integrated our system and it works out very well. I n our procedure manual all of the EMS procedures were printed in green.:)
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