Inter laboratory correlation - Two laboratories with different methods?



We correlated with single lab for moisture in coal . Both labs employ two different analytical methods for moisture determination- ISO 589 by our lab & ISO 11722 by participating lab.
Can we validate our results that way or we do need to use same methods.


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Typically you need the same method. In some cases (e.g. some spring testers) even different equipment types and/or fixtures can make a significant difference.

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I would not even want to try comparing two different methods. I have seen this happen before, more than once, and eventually it has always, in my experience, ended up badly. It is no fun chasing phantoms, wild geese, and reflections seen through smoke and mirrors. I encourage you to avoid it if at all possible.


We host and participate in many different IPT tests. These tests are performed using the same methods, homogenous material, and same instructions...comparing different methods on a 1:1 basis does not reflect the true goals of IPT testing.

On a sidenote however, we will perform testing on same materials employing different methods, however, this is not on a 1:1 basis, the comparison is more along the lines of 10 labs employing method A, 10 labs employing method B. Both methods are separated for statistical analysis, but often are plotted on the same chart...when this is done it's interesting because you can quite often see which method is more precise and to some degree how precise it is (not that it's news) just interesting to see empirical data which gives you a solid visual representation of the methods' accuracy.

Anyway, I would suggest you contact whoever is hosting this IPT and clarify further with them, employing different methods typically will not give you a valuable end result.


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Generally you want the same method, which should be specified up front.....any other approach invites inconsistencies.....
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