Intergrated Management System. First steps

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Integrated Management System. First steps

Hi everybody!

I'm newcomer in this Forums that seems to me could provide with even more valuable information you have a concern in than just via training or self-instruction.

Our organization plans to implement IMS (QMS according to ISO 9001-2000 is already certified). So, those who has an experience of ISO 14001- OHSAS implementation, have you any suggestions on what steps should be done first, what are the aspects we should consider

Thank you in advance
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Hello Saodat, and welcome to the Cove :bigwave:

Well... For starters: If you have the ISO 9001 badge you will already cover a good deal of the requirements in ISO14001.

I'd start by finding out what is already covered by the current procedures, what can be covered by minor adjustments, and what will need more work.


Randy Stewart

An Idea

To ensure you have covered everything you may want to contract a company to do a compliance audit. That way you have all your applicable regulations and requirements addressed. Another big help was our people in shipping that were qualified in hazmat. One other suggestion is to review your MSDS sheets. I know these areas boarder on OSHA requirements but they are a good place to start. :)


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Identify those areas of commonality between the systems, and address any changes needed to blend them together.

In those areas where there is no commonality address the requirements as you would in stand alone systems.

Develop some type of document (chart, manual, list, whatever) to show how all of the requirements of the different systems are addressed and their relationship to other systems documentation.

Make it work!

Sounds simple, but it will take some effort.


IMS implementation

You may want to consider the followings as important areas to cover:
(a) Start with cross referencing the common elements; e.g ISO 14001 & OHSAS : 18001 clause numbers are similar.

(b) Common to ISO 9001:2000 & 14001 & OHSAS are doc control, records, Corrective & preventive action, Policy, Operational control, communications (internal & External)

(c) train key personnal in the awareness of identifying and evaluating environmental aspects and impacts and hazard risk assessment.

(d) Generate key documented procedures for operational controls / measures related to identified significant aspects and risks ( e.g waste water generation, air emission, noise pollution, land pollution, toxic and hazardous waste disposal, chemical management, MSDS awareness)



Our system is interegated with three standards/systems. We started by common elements and added what was remaining, for one manual followed by the procedures. Training, documentation, etc all followed from there. A full assessment audit was preformed to ensure completeness. Try to keep it as simple as possible. Document and track all changes so your work is not duplicated.

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