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Douglas E. Purdy

Have an automotive customer who is requiring a Level 3 PPAP for a tooling rebuild, while at the same time wanting to meet the current delivery requirements. Due to the number of Special Characteristics they want for Capability Studies we are not able to turn in a complete PPAP Submittal in the time needed to get production running.

My questions are:

1) How do you submit a PSW for an Interim Approval when not all of the items are completed?

2) Is there an alternative way to meet both production requirements and PPAP requirements in this situation?

Thanks for any recommendations you may give!


Laura M

Re question 2 - that's exactly what the interim allows you to do.
When you fill out the interim worksheet you note the exceptions to "full" PPAP and what you are doing to ensure the product you are shipping. In other words, if because you did not do a full capability study, you do not (may not) know if your process is capable of producing with a 1.67 Cpk - to "guarantee" you will meet the spec. So you may add inspections, or 100% sorting for the product you ship.

Have you seen the worksheet? Fairly self explanatory. Submit what you have for PPAP with the interim documenting the exception. The B3 are used to it!


Maintain contact with your customer on this one.
Also refer to section II of the PPAP for interim approval requirements.

Douglas E. Purdy

I only see a GM Interim Recovery Worksheet (GM 1411) in Section 2 of the PPAP. Diamler-Chrysler talks about an Interim Approval Authorization (IAA) document and Ford has other requirements. I do not see a worksheet generic for all three - OR am I missing something?

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