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Internal Audit of CNC Programing


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I am looking for a checklist (questions to ask) to use to audit the CNC programing process in my organization.

Does anyone have some examples?
Paul: It's not sufficient to "do an audit" - before anyone can create a checklist, you have to know a) the audit criteria and b) the objective of the audit.

So, help us out here. What are you auditing CNC programming against and why?

If you have a clear understanding of both these points, then creating a checklist is BEST accomplished by YOU doing it. Anything you might get here is 1) not likely to be what your people do and 2) could need SO MUCH work, you'd be better off writing yourself - and wouldn't take more time than you thought you'd save.

There's another aspect to doing it yourself. It gives you an opportunity to go an have a discussion with the programmers etc and not have them think you 'made this stuff up". It'll be obvious if you have a bunch of questions you're asking and you don't know what or why you're asking them...

Trust me - do it yourself...


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Trust me - do it yourself...

Thanks for the advice. I have already been there and done that. I made a checklist with some questions after talking to the programers about their process. I was just looking for suggestions.

I am doing a process audit approach.
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Andy is right. What are your internal and external requirements related to this process? Audit the "shalls".

Outside of that, remember to include treating the CNC programming process as a documentation process with all the 4.2 requirements coming into play. Also, consider 7.5.1 as it relates to controls required, and to the extent necessary, 7.6 if you are calibrating the CNC equipment. Don't forget disaster recovery and risk analysis, too. Good Luck.

BTW - there are a few more particulars that I use, but this will get you started.
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