Internal Audit of HR Department...


Chris May


I have planned / scheduled the audit programme for the coming 6 months & I have focussed on processes that have not been audited for a while, if at all.

Anyway, a couple , for example, are IT & Human Resources.

I am pretty clear on the approach to IT, but can any one give me some pointers about the HR process.

I realisethere must be more to it (maybe not) than Training Records....

Would I be looking at how we identify the need for another "resource", how we set up advertising, conducting interviews, personal development.....and such.

Ideas in abundance would be gratefully received,


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M Greenaway


By auditing 'Human Resources' it sounds like you are still auditing departments.

As a starter I would go into the department and ask the personnel working in it what do they produce.
Hi Chris,

We recently discussed auditing the IT function in the thread Data Center Audit Have a look at it.

As for HR I have the following suggestions:

Why not audit your “Competence provision” instead of only the HR dep?

Apart from the things you already mentioned, how about having a peek at the following?

How do you determine the necessary competence of our staff?
How do you handle new staff? Introduction plans?
In what areas do you need to elevate competence? In what way?
How do you evaluate the effectiveness of the actions taken?
Are your staff aware of the intent of your quality policy, quality objectives and how they contribute to fulfilling them?

Do you have the infrastructure you need?
Is the work environment good enough? How about the mood among the staff?

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