Internal audit plan and processes for ISO 14001:2015


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Can u show me an example for an intenal audit plan for ISO 14001:2015?
I think it will be process-based - hence clause 4.4 ISO 14001:2015.

Jen Kirley

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Hello armani,

Are you looking for an annual plan, three year plan or a plan for the process audit?

Jen Kirley

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Let's say .... annual plan and process audit plan.

What is your industry?
What does your employer produce, and for whom?
Do you deliver goods?
What resources are used to produce your goods/services?
Do you use chemicals to produce your goods? What type?
Do you outsource processes? If so, which ones?
Do you have waste water management?
Do you have an air permit?
Do you manage your own building's infrastructure, or do you rent/lease and everything is handled by the building owner?
If you manage your own building, does that include refrigerants? Fluorescent light bulb disposal?
Do you produce Universal Waste? Hazardous waste? If so, how is it handled?
What types of solid wastes do you produce? How are they disposed of?
What kind of packaging does your product get delivered in?
Do you do your own delivery, or do your customers provide the carrier services?

These questions are all related to processes in ISO 14001 systems I have encountered. There could be more to this list, depending on what you do.

I attached an audit management package in the thread Internal Auditing to ISO 9001 - How to schedule/plan and perform an ISO audit. When you identify your processes you can enter them in the tools and get your planning started. The ISO 14001 Technical Committee has published some support material that could be informative.

I hope this helps!
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