Internal Audit Plans and Checklists

I am "revamping" our Internal Audit system and wondering if anyone can email me examples of what they use for the plans and checklist. We are a QS9000 company. I thank everyone in advance!
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Al Dyer

We are using a good software package currently but I will mail you some sample files that were useful in the past.

Also take a look in the ftp site.


Elberth Ardila Tabera

Al, could you tell me about information of software you use in your audit process.
Thanks Elberth


Al Dyer


We are using a package called APACT from Integral Solutions. I lets you design your own audits in addition to accessing audits checksheets to most of the quality systems I know about. (QS, TS, ISO etc...)

I.m sure there are many others but they are good to work with and very responsive.

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Al Dyer

I also have a desk (document) audit form for TS-16949 if anybody would like a copy. I'll try to get it posted to the FTP site today.



Dear ASD,

Could you please share the desk (document) audit form for TS-16949.I would like a copy. Please try to get it posted to the FTP site as per your convenience.

Thanks and regards,


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This is a very old thread from 2001 and ASD hasn't been around in quite a few years. However, there are check list examples here.
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