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Audit training again

We are about to do some audit training. As I intend to have a look at ISO 19011, I mapped it, and now I can think of no reason not to post it right here.

Maybe it's about time we had another audit training discussion? Over to the Cove dwellers...



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Audit training map overview

Very well done Claes, an excellent presentation.

How does this communication format go down with the recipients of such mapped information?
Thank's Wallace,

The normal reaction (among those not used to this format) is something like:

1. Whups! What's this then? Looks complicated... :eek:
2. Aha. So I should start from the middle? Oh, allright.... :rolleyes:
3. Hey... it's not so complicated after all. Neat... :D



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The Normal Reaction

Sounds like with flow charts and such. When you come across someone who hasn't seen one before it's - well, different. But the intrinsic pattern of the map makes it relatively easy to understand without a lot of explaining.
Yes, people grasp it much in the same way as they would grasp a flowchart. It's essentially the same thing, after all. Other benefits are:
  • The map contains and conveys so much more info than ordinary text
  • It's clearly a lot easier to remember than text. Particularly if you start adding pictures.
  • It's a lot easier to spot as well as correct errors in a map than in ordinary text



Fully vaccinated are you?
Do you see this as valid for both internal auditor training as well as 2nd and 3rd party auditing?
Marc said:
Do you see this as valid for both internal auditor training as well as 2nd and 3rd party auditing?
Hey... I had forgotten about this one :) . Well basically this is nothing but a rehash of ISO19011 with the intention of getting a better overall picture. So is 19011 valid for internal audits?

IMO: It is mostly valid but a bit of overkill as internal audits are concerned. It does provide a systematic approach to auditing. My intention was to get a discussion going among the internal auditors. It worked....



Starting to get Involved
Re: Audit training again

Great mapping, Claes.

One comment, though: how about the new edition of the standard, 19011:2011?
It has some new annexes worth noticing !!! :)


Re: Audit training again

this thinking are very beautiful

only need to enough system professional knowedge for the trainer
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