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Internal Auditing for API Spec Q1 - auditor qualification requirements


Starting to get Involved
I am qualified internal Auditor of IATF 16949:2016 .Can I do Internal Audit for API- Q1 . As we have Audit in next month. As I have recently join company. Whether I have to internal Audit Training for API-Q1 or not . Because In India which company provide internal Audit and Cost for it .

John Broomfield

Staff member
Super Moderator

As a competent IATF auditor you should be able also to conduct internal audits using API-Q1 audit criteria.

Develop your own checklist (instead of downloading one from the internet) and use that for your audit and as evidence of your competence to interpret API-Q1.

Good auditing,

You need to meet the API Q1 personnel competence requirements in Q1 and maintain a record of this. It is very likely that your next audit by API will include them checking internal auditor competency records. requires personnel to be competent based on "appropriate education, training, skills, and experience" and requires "evidence of the determination of competence of personnel" to be recorded and maintained. It is up to your organization how you determine and document competency. An internal auditor qualification to IATF 16949:2016 alone is likely not sufficient, but it is a good start. I'd recommend documenting that you reviewed and/or were trained on API Q1 (not required to be external training) and then create a record which states that the organization has determined you to be a competent API Q1 internal auditor based on your IATF 16949:2016 internal auditor qualification (training and experience) combined with your API Q1 review/training.

Develop your own checklist (instead of downloading one from the internet) and use that for your audit and as evidence of your competence to interpret API-Q1.
You could do this and use it as evidence of your API Q1 knowledge. I recommend having a specific record of determination of competency which states that you were determined to be competent and the basis (including at least one of education, training, skills, and experience) for that determination. Such a record will greatly reduce the risk of a nonconformance from API related to internal auditor competence.

Sidney Vianna

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Staff member
Obviously a record that states that the internal auditor(s) is(are) competent to perform audits against the API Q1 standard should only be produced if a meaningful competence establishment process has been deployed. As one can see in the API Spec Q1 FAQ document, there are some expectations of standard specific body of knowledge that is not easy to assemble.

John Broomfield

Staff member
Super Moderator
The auditee organization remains responsible for determining the competence criteria and for verifying competence.

The external auditor verifies the effectiveness of the criteria and verifications.

Naturally the external auditors will examine the competence verification records and the records of internal audit.

As professionals we assess our own competence every workday.

But be careful with your thoroughness of that completed audit checklist. Include what you looked at, why you looked at it and what you found.
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