Internal Audits Before Registration?



internal audit

We have a preassessment coming very soon for QS 9000, is it really necessary to do internal audit for all the elements of the QS standard before this big exercise? Right now I have audited half of the required 20 elements.

Quality gurus....i need advice badly...thanks in advance.:rolleyes:

Al Dyer

I'll hedge this a bit because I don't know who your auditor is or what your level of communication is, but:


You need to know what to expect!

When in doubt ask the registrar and/or auditor.


Fully vaccinated are you?
QS-9000 and ISO 9000 both require a full set of internal audits prior to your registration audit and expect findings to have been acted on and corrected. You can sometimes get away with one or two not being closed out if you have a real good reason - obviously they cannot be 'Major' findings. All major findings have to be closed out.
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