Internal audits on CSR (Customer Specific Requirements) - Look at Ford's Behemoth



Internal audits on CSR

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Sitting here wondering how everyone is planning to audit to all of the CSR's. We are considering making them a seperate audit and simply handing off the requirements to an internal auditor and let them trail a specific part through the process. This seems approachable until you look at the behemoth that Ford has come up with. Any suggestions :frust: :frust: :frust:


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I've been going through the Ford CSRs a lot myself lately. They and the other CSRs are so integrated into the various parts of TS2 and your system that it would be very difficult to audit them separately. Also, with the new emphasis on the "process approach" to auditing, a separate audit goes against the spirit of TS2.

My approach is to identify where they fit in and audit them at the same time as the rest of the system. Ford makes it very easy by referencing the section of TS2 that the requirements apply. Just add information to your checklist (which should be used anyway per the note in to make sure you cover the additional requirements.

Example: The Ford CSR for control of records specifies various minimum retention times. Add retention times in your checklist and audit them when you are looking at those records.

I hope this helps...
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