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We are having our re-certification Audit starting next week.
I would just like to clarify something concerning the competency of calibration personnel.
Calibration and verification are two different activities, right?
If so, would it mean that competency requirement will only be strict for calibration personnel?

We have equipments that are calibrated (with adjustments) internally by a competent technician and equipments verified by the other techs.
We only have 1 technician competent enough (with training and experience) to do calibration (verification + adjustment)
The others are not. What I did is just let the others do the verification of gages so that when it is out of acceptable standards, we will have the gage calibrated either externally (certified lab) or by our competent technician.

At least, in that way, the work load of our calibration tech becomes lighter.
Do you think this will work out with no call out during the TS audit?

Please advice.



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Welcome to the cove. Its good to see people from the Philippines.
With regard to Competency, in our end, we have our Calibration personnel trained and certified by the OEM then when they echo-trained this to other technician(s), they also do the same. Training + Examination (Written and Actual), there should be a standard percent what should be the passing score.
With regard to TS Audit, all I can is that it varies (call-out) of the auditor, sometimes when you already made the preparation they can still find one. When you say you do the verification of gages, are the other technicians trained and certified to do verification?
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Thanks sir Raffy.
Actually, we only have one trained (certified) Technician for the calibration of one gage.

Verification of the other gages are done internally by internally trained technicians.
What confuses me a bit is that if it is safe to differentiate gage verification by internally trained technicians from gage calibration by an externally (certified) trained technician.


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Hi poy,
In our end, we have defined Calibration as "Comparing, measuring and test equipment with measurement standards of known accuracy. The purpose of which is to detect and adjust deviations from the standards. This occurs at regularly scheduled intervals determining the basis of stability, purpose and usage. This means that we don't actually calibrate our equipment, we only verify if the said equipment meet's or exceeds the user's (other department, i.e. engineering, resaearch & development, maintenance, etc. ) requirement. In view of this, a verification procedure was used to issue calibration stickers in lieu of a calibration procedure when no adjustment of our measuring equipment is necessary.
Hope this helps.
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