Internal Labs - Customer asked why our reliability laboratory isn't 17025 certified



Hello All,
Our company is ISO/TS 16949 acredited.We have 2 internal labs doing calibration of internal equipment and reliability testing of our customers products.
Our customer has asked why our reliability lab is not certified to 17025.

What answer can we provide to our customer

Please advice
Thank you

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Firstly, a small but important note........

your company is not accredited to ISO/TS 16949, it's registered or certified. A lab is accredited to ISO/IEC 17025.

Questions like this are often asked by customers, who don't always know what they're asking for. You could answer them that ISO/TS doesn't require your laboratory to be accredited - explain to them that your lab is part of your quality system certification to ISO/TS 16949.

Do you know which function in your customer is asking, for example a quality engineer or a buyer? It helps to know if you try to explain if they have some experience or knowledge of this matter.

Accreditation is a 'test' of the proficiency of the laboratory (as a legal entity) to perform calibration or testing to the pulished scope - and is, therefore, primarily for those laboratories which are commercial services - not internal labs. I have seen large scale 'internal' labs. which were accredited, but it's rare - due to the cost and you have to contract with two different auditing organizations.

Anyone got anything else to add?



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Andy is entirely correct regarding the difference in accreditation and registration.....

As for internal labs becoming accredited, that is an increasing trend.....the reason is that the internal lab (especially for internal cal) must be able to support the accreditation of a parent lab or the registration of a parent organization.

Given that you are in Malaysia, I recommend going to

Find your national accrediting body, and discuss the cost and application/assessment protocols with them.

Hope this helps.



Dear AndyN, Hershal,
Thank u for clarifying the accreditation and certification part.

Also what do u mean by "commercial"?.

The "parts" that we "produce" is the semiconductor components. The wafers are given to us, by our customers, to be processed into single components. After processing, samples are taken for relaibility testing.
The customers are paying us for the reliability testing. So are these components not commercial.

I kinda agree with Hershal, abt the trend of Internal labs being accredited

Thank u


Your customer probably wants to outsource the auditing task to a 3rd party...?

Commercial means you sell your services to external customers...

We became an accredited internal lab because of a new requirement by national authority, ie. external influences...
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