Internal Quality Auditors Training Requirements



If internal auditors are trained by Quality Assurance in company, is external training
and/or certification of auditors required for QS9000 standarts ?
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State in your procedure how training is provided, provide good accurate training and you have what you need. External training is not a requirement. You will find alot of things at this website to help you with auditing. Just provide the best training you can give yourself.Auditor training is on-going. You will see your auditors get better at it every time they audit. Relax and do your own thing. If you have good people workking for you, you will have a good internal audit system.

Al Dyer

Although not a requirement of QS-9000 our lead auditor "suggested" we document some type of training requirements in our procedure.

For those migrating to TS-16949 the training requirement calls for compliance to customer requirements. As of this time, only G.M. has come out with their own TS-16949 customer specific requirements and they state that internal auditors "should" be qualified as recommended in ISO 10011- Part 2 as a minimum.



Dave Davis

I would review the methods of training provided by the QA department... Are they quilified to provide that type of training? I recommend to companies to send at least one individual out for external training and allow that person to develop a training program for the internal auditors. This seems to be efficient and cost effective.

An audit of your internal audits may provide some guidance as to additional training needs.

barb butrym

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The 4.18 training requirement is to identify the need for training...this is where you decide and document what training the internal auditor needs....then go forth and provide that training, document it.....then evaluate its effectivity...and improve... ergo identify the changes that the training needs to be effective.....(as a result of Management review of the audit results perhaps?) Funny how it all ties together isn't it?


Re: Internal Quality Auditors training

Is there a requirement on how often internal auditors need to be trained?


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Re: Internal Quality Auditors training

There isn't even a requiremnet that they get trained so there is no recrring training requirement. All that is required (in an ISO based management system like 9001) is that they be competent, which can be accomplished through training or other means.

As a note one of the best ways to find out what is required is to just read the requirements
Re: Internal Quality Auditors training

Randy is correct. There's too much emphasis on throwing training at people! Instead, draw up a set of competencies and perform evaluations against them. Don't forget that as adults, we pass through 4 phases of learning and, when something changes it can affect the stage we've reached. So just because someone was a competent auditor, making a change to your QMS may require them to have a different competency added.
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