International Occupational & Health Safety Management System Standard


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Here is an internationally accepted OHSMS standard (guidance document). It is being used by the AIHA (American Industrial Hygiene Association) to develop an American OHS standard.

This guidance document document was developed by the International Labor Organization (founded in 1919).

The system stuff starts in clause 3.


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E Wall

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Thank you!

Looks like a bit of a read, I glanced over it and will be interested in how much is kept and/or added vs. what is left out and/or changed by the time the AIHA is done with it.

Manoj Mathur

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Any body has the Idea when this OSHAS 18001 may become an ISO standard?. Second thing my company is planning to go for this . In case it becomes an ISO standard, what would be implication of it.


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The way it looks right now there won't be an ISO OSH standard for quite a while.

The implications will be the same as 14001...customer driven for the most part

Roger Eastin

It seems like I am hearing more and more about OHSAS18001. I haven't heard anything about ISO getting involved, but it seems like more companies are doing this on their own. Maybe this is what Randy meant by ISO waiting for customer demand.


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The ISO nixed a safety standard a couple of years ago. It may resurface eventually

Jimmy Olson

Is there any news on an American OHS standard? Or is America adopting OHSAS 18001? I am interested in finding out because I am trying to develop a safety program at my company and was interested in having something to use as a framework.


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You came to the right place there Richard. I'm originally a safety guy with a BS in Occupational Health & Safety.

Th US (actually ANSI & AIHA) is working on a standard right now. It's called ANSI Z.10, and you can find out about it at either or at

The ANSI standard is going to be loosley based on the ILO standard, ILO-OHSMS-2000. It is available on the ILO web page for free.

The above is only for management system stuff. If you are looking for compliance stuff you need to refer to the Washington OSHA site.
Washington Department of Labor and Industries
PO Box 44001
Olympia, Washington 98504-4001

Gary Moore, Director
(360) 902-4200
(360) 902-4202 FAX

Washington State Plan Web Page:

Jimmy Olson

Thanks Randy. I figured I could count on a reply from you.

I've actually become very familiar with WISHA and their website, and have already downloaded copies of all the rules and regulations. I've been using a lot of their stuff to comprise different components of a safety program.

I've read through the ILO document and have thought I would use that as a guideline for tying everything together. As it is now there are a couple programs in place (sort of), but they are seperate programs. I'm hoping to eventually get a safety program that links everything together.

Now that I've got that pesky ISO thing out of the way, this is my next focus, so I will probably be making this forum more active :vfunny:


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For grins and giggles you can use the same format as ISO14001. Change aspects to risks and impacts to hazards. Utilize the Job Hazard Analysis methodology prescribed by OSHA. Tie everything together and you should be close.;)
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