Interpreting the Sanctioned Interpretations



One of our plants was placed in probation due to the results of the surveillance audit (a major NC). The Registrar is asking us based on the Sanctioned Interpretations R3 section C, that we shall to notify all our customers of this probation.
While reading the Interpretations I do not see clearly defined this requirement. How can I know what's required in this cases.

"The supplier shall submit the C/A Plan to the Registrar and the affected customers within 10 business days" (C/A plan was already submitted to the Registrar.
I think that the other scenario applies when the major NC is an issue related to the categories identified by the Big 3, Q1 Revocation, Chrysler Needs Improvement and GM New Business Hold.


IMO the key word is "Affected". I see no reason to ntify some one who is nit afected by your NC.
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