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Don Winton

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Subject: websites for teaching introductory stats
Date: Tue, 18 May 1999 22:02:30 -0400
From: "tim arnold"

Hi everybody,
I've been working on two websites that I hope you'll find useful. They're designed to supplement an introductory stats class, and are probably most useful in a computer-based classroom.

The sites are designed to follow Neil Weiss' books, 'Introductory Statistics' and 'Elementary Statistics', published by Addison-Wesley-Longman.

The 'Elementary' book has 14 chapters. The 'Introductory' book, which covers more topics and includes more detail, has 19 chapters.

The sites, which provide laboratory-like lessons for each chapter in the corresponding book, are located on AWL's main site.

You can currently find them here:

Introductory Statistics:

Elementary Statistics:

I hope you find the sites useful.

--Tim Arnold

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Enjoy and Regards,


Fully vaccinated are you?
Thanks - good links. I took a moment and edited the message to hotlink the URLs.

Thanks, Don!

Don Winton

I took a moment and edited the message to hotlink the URLs.

Yea, that occurred to me after I posted them, but it was late and I was tired.

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