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Inventory Control and Production Planning and QA



Does anyone have steps/information/etc on the writing of an Inventory Control Procedure? In particular things to include in the document?

I am also after the same type of information for a Production Planning procedure.

I wish to make sure that I address all the required elements or issues.


Captain Nice
Staff member
The biggest thing I look for in material control is first in-first out, how you deal with date sensitive materials and how you deal with temperature sensitive materials. I don't have any sample procedures but then again, material control procedures tend to be quite company/facility specific.

As far as a production planning procedure, write it with consideration to the APQP manual. You should be looking at a high level document and you may have lower level (department specific) procedure(s).

Anyone else with comments?

Arturo Rosales

Of course do not forget how are you going to handle customer supplied product, mil spec material, etc.

Douglas Purdy

And do not forget the obvious, to specify how material "enters" and "exits" your designated storage and stock areas. Add the mechanism used by your company that accounts for the material "needs" or "requirements" and you have an inventory management system.
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