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Inventory control ideas - I have an open stock room with a "sign out" book

I have an open stock room, the shop employees take parts and are SUPPOSE TO sign them out using our sign out book. Many of the employees will forget, which throws off inventory, which leads to accounting problems. The President doesn't want to pay for a scanning inventory software. I am looking for recommendations on how to improve the way my employees sign out parts from the stock room.


1. Get one process owner to responsible for the inventory sign out process
2. Retrain the employee for sign out process
3. Hang some signage to remind employee to sign on the sign-out book.


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Hire a clerk to intercede in the sign-out process?
Automatically lock the inventory cage after they go in and then only unlock when they properly sign out (ok, maybe I'm stretching ;) )

John Predmore

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If employees say they "forgot" or they are in too much of a hurry to make entries in the signout book, one idea of mine is to put a signout clipboard on every shelf, for the items on that shelf. Multiple lists makes more work for the person who complies all the records, but it might be less work overall than resolving inventory shortages. If you are clever, you can figure a way to mount the clipboard so it is vertical in the middle of the shelf and the employee has to move the clipboard in order to get to the stock on the shelf. Whoa! They can't say any longer they forgot about the signout list, which was in their face, which they held in their hand.

Maybe you can think of refinements on this idea for your situation, like cover a bank of shelves with a clear plastic curtain and to pull the curtain back you have to move the clipboard.
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