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IPL - Success Story

India has posted a GDP growth (revised) of 9.0 %; the present inflation rate is 8.1 %. The Government is jittery...the common man is upset...the middle class is squeezed between rising prices and increasing lending rates (especially those who had taken home loans). All these have not affected Indians from watching Indian Premier League Cricket Matches for forty four days continuously over the TV or in the stadia. People do not hesitate paying Rs.1000/= for a ticket. The expected TV viewership for today's final is about 50 million in India alone. The IPL has viewers all over the world, especially the cricket playing countries, and where people from Commonwealth Countries live. This is the first IPL season and already it has been recognized as a great marketing success story; one Mumabi Management School has already included IPL story as a case study for the MBA in Marketing !!! Of course, many in this world may not even know what IPL is about.

Cricket "was" a gentlemen's game introduced by Britishers in their colonies in the 1800s; the game used to be played over a period of five days. A revolution took place in the 1970s, when a "one-day" version was introduced...amidst protests from puritans. The one day version was in response to the TV programmers demand for a shorter version. Now even one day is too long for retaining viewers' interest. This resulted in the twenty-twenty version (T-20, which typically takes about 4 hours for completing a match), introduced in England towards the end of the last century. The T-20 World cup was held last year in South Africa. The Indian Premier League (IPL) has been born out of blending concepts of T-20, European Soccer Clubs and Bollywood entertainment. The resulting mix has been a great success (even though there were many skeptics to start with, their number had diminished exponentially as the IPL progressed). The IPL draws players from all over the world - from Australian, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, West Indies, England etc. The money players get for IPL was unheard of before the IPL; everyone wants to be a part of IPL. Some old players, who could not be bought/opted by IPL Clubs (in the player auction), are outright jealous of the IPL players.

The learning: Whatever be the product, its packaging determines its value. The better it is packaged, the higher is its value.

By the way, Cricket is not (that) popular in the USA, Canada, South America, the continental Europe, Russia, China , Japan, the far east and the large part of Africa. Considering the IPL Success, I wonder if some marketing guys in these countries tap its potential in these un-tested territories.

Bernard Shaw once said (something like): "Cricket is a game played by 11 fools and watched by 11000 fools"....what would be his response now ????

PS: Yesterday one Professor told me that Harvard was the first to recognize the success of IPL and taken the case for it true???
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