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IPPC and 14K

I have no idea where this comes from, but I keep hearing from Environmental/Safety folk that getting ISO14K accreditation can reduce the workload in IPPC registration (in the UK) by 40%. Has anyone else got any info on the perspective of regulators for IPPC to organisations that have ISO14K ?

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In Holland the structure of environmental permits is based on the IPPC.

Last years the local governments are issueing so-called 'permits on headlines' (Don't know the exact english term for this propably typical Dutch phenomena)
It means that permits are less detailed. The permits gives the targets (e.g. max 100 ton VOC emission in 2005). The way that the organisation comes to it , is free to the company. So, a expensive scrubber e.g. will not be demanded by the government.
If the company has a ISO 14001 certificate, the government can be pretty sure that the company will continu to improve their environmental performance.
Compliance is regulated in procedures for operational control.

The environmental management system can never be a part of a environmental permit, so it's a lot of work to describe it in the request for a permit.

In Holland there are 4 requirements to get a 'permit on headlines':
- a ISO 14001 certified EMS;
- issue a environmental report every year;
- ban (by government) approved long-term Environmental Business Plan;
- free of complaints in the past years.

I think it's a good system for both company and government. Measures can be taken cost-effictive and the company is sef-controlling in a way.


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Another link

The following link is also a good one to help understand IPPC :

https://www.environment-agency.gov.uk - Link was: /business/techguide/ippc/

Formal title for IPPC is "Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control"
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