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IQ OQ PQ in Laboratory vs. Manufacturing Environment


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Starting a Forum discussion regarding IQ/OQ/PQ in Lab vs. Manufacturing.

Let's assume that we have the same test equipment used in both the lab/Manufacturing.

Do you follow the same rigour (regarding IQ/OQ/PQ) for both?
Or do we simply do a quick studies for the equipments used in lab; and do the full blow work in the Manufacturing Space?

Have you done IQ/OQ/PQ for all or some of your equipments in your labs?

Any info would be helpful.


3rd possible plan of attack is to ask why they have to be separate? If they are indeed the same, and looking at the same level of tolerance control, treat each type as one validation. ie… full out on the first unit (regardless of lab or mfg floor) and the verification steps for the remaining units.
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