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Anyone see the Guest Column in the May 2016 Quality magazine entitled "IQN900 or ISO 9001? Which is the best quality standard for your company?"

While it was an interesting read, I found it more interesting that a search on IQN900 only generated a few hits. In addition, this "International" norm was written by none other than the author of the guest column. Merits of the article aside, how does one person author a document then proclaim it to be "International" quality norm a.k.a. standard? :confused:

Getting past that, as a true international quality group, let's discuss the merits and feasibility of International Quality Norm 900 versus ISO 9001. :popcorn:
"Requires little or no changes for existing systems.
Requires little or no training.
Requires no additional standards for definitions or explanations.
"Self-certification" is formally defined and permitted."

While I read the article awhile ago, I found the "brochure" (your second link) to be most informative. Since the practical intent of ISO9001 was to provide a confidence basis for customers up the food chain to reduce individual supplier audits, the last bullet point here would probably negate that.
And no changes to my existing system , Great!, I hate all those annoying requirements anyway.... ;) No learning new stuff! another great point, training is so boring...

Of course I am being facetious....
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I read the article this morning. was surprised to see in the Quality Magazine. I want to understand more about this standard. Is it recognized by customers as a substitute for ISO9000 registration? There's very little or nothing usable on the internet. Craving for more information.... Anyone??


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I look at it this way - Any one of us can write (and sell) a standard for anything. And, if it gets enough traction, it may succeed at least to some extent. I have never personally been an ISO 9001 fan because it is too broad and easy. While ISO 9001 has become very popular, considering the number of companies in the world (120,00,000 to 190,000,000? - Also see ), ISO 9001 registered companies (admittedly this data is from 2013) are but a pittance.

I think as a team here we can write Elsmar90 and declare it an International Standard. :popcorn:

As to "...merits and feasibility...", Elsmar90 would have merits because we together know what is needed in a robust quality system and we know what is not needed. With regard to feasibility, not much. BUT - Let's say we sell 10,000 copies at US$75.00 each (US$750,000) - That much $$$ will fund Elsmar for quite a while and each of the writers (let's say 20 of us write it) will make a bit of cash if we split the proceeds between Elsmar and each writer.

This is, after all, really a money game, isn't it?
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It's about time a standard contained a direct reference to my name...I've certainly earned it.

I only hope it's a good standard...:cool:

EDIT: Hmm, that article didn't tell me much. Eliminates internal audits as redundant....
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This sounds as "value-added" as an advertisement I received from "American Global Standards" and their ASRP Program.

The program claims it is for ISO9001:2008 and ISO14001:2004:
>save your company thousands annually.
>save top management valuable time
>satisfy customers who require ISO9001
>eliminate non-value added NCR's

For a whopping total of $650.00 per year.
1. remote assessment, no on-site meetings with auditors required.
2. no travel expenses

Basically a mail-order certification for $650.00 per year. Their flyer looks fairly legit. At the bottom it has:

Boston<>Detroit<>Indianapolis<>Los Angeles<>Nashville<>Denver

and nothing else... It doesn't say, we have offices in all these places or we have clients in all these places... it just names cities across America...

Wow, these guys are genius... I just visited their website and they have a small number of US clients... but look at the number of overseas clients... These guys have a money making machine...

I reverse my opinion... they may NOT be a value-added organization to most of us, but you have to give them credit for innovation in how to rake in easy money...

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