IR Pyrometer Calibration


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We have IR pyrometers mounted on our aluminum extrusion presses for measuring the temperature of the metal as extruding and another mounted after water quenching. The temperatures readings from the pyrometers is displayed on a remote user interface at the press operators station. I realize that, typically, gages used in process control may not need calibrated or verified. At first glance the pyrometers may seem to only control the process, but in this case, if the aluminum never exceeds 960f during extrusion and/or isn't subsequently cooled below 450f quickly enough (seconds), the temper of the final part to the customer may be affected. Without subjecting you all to boring metallurgy, the extrusion temperatures affect the metal's reaction to subsequent heat treating that is performed downstream.

Determining that I was measuring something that affects the final part, I purchased a blackbody IR pyrometer calibrator and plan to have it calibrated by a 3rd party on a yearly frequency. So, now I can perform a "verification" on the pyrometers. A recent audit finding was that gages listed in our control plans do not have associated MSA. We perform gage r&r on all of our other gages like manual & laser micrometers, calipers, digital length gages, etc.

How would I, or do I need to, perform gage r&r on the pyrometers? If so, how would that work with the temperatures not being measured by a human?

Thanks in advance for any ideas you can share.
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