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IRCA Application Form Fill - Guidance



I have the same question on this, the question seem vague, what does it mean by Sector? Is it the Sector that my company is in? And what is meant with drivers? Thanks
Enquiry Part 6 – Sector awareness

hello all,
I've passed IRCA approved OHSAS 18001 course and wish to apply for IRCA certified provisional Internal Auditor scheme.
Would appreciate anybody's help or example for the section " Part 6" Sector awareness" in the application form.
This is the SECTOR

Part 6 – Sector awareness
Please provide an account of your awareness of the sector for which you are applying.
You may wish to consider the following:
•What are the key drivers within the sector?
•What is the critical sector knowledge for auditors?
•Who are the governing bodies and regulators?
•What are the ‘sector specific’ components of the management system? (E.g.
for ISO 14001. one could detail environmental aspects as a core element, and provide examples).
Please use multiple copies of this page as necessary.
1.Sector you are writing about (e.g. Environmental):


Starting to get Involved
Good - take your RESUME / CV an dump in this section.

(they will come back if it needs clarification.

NOTE: so you are spending money in becoming a regional audit with no place to go in the industry? Why
Please explain your goals, what is it that you are looking for and in what field....

The big Question is - why are your spending money in becoming a regional auditor instead of aiming in becoming and auditor for an accredited recognized credentials with registrar.
I believe SECTOR does not refer to the industry your working in, one has to detail the significant factors of the scheme that he /she is applying for ( e.g., QMS).
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