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"IRS" Request for recertification of foreign status [SCAM]



Which site have you been to that requested your immigration status? Or other sites that are meant to attract foriegn nationals lately? One of those may have been where the originated from. Just some thought to help protect you.

Jim Wynne

Staff member
The fax number on that form is a real fax number, except that it goes to a company in New Jersey. They're probably wondering about the strange faxes they've been receiving lately.


Super Moderator
This scam is especially evil.

I can imagine that this preys on uneducated, undocumented workers. They get docked for taxes, probably never file a tax return, and hear stories of tax refunds from their coworkers. For them its easy to think they'll get money back. After all, the country is generous despite the "migra". So why not give the IRS my bank details so that they can deposit my refund?

Shame on the internet villains.
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