Is 303 SS (sus 303) Reach Compliant?


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I haven't posted in awhile and couldn't come up with any effective information doing Internet searches so, I figured I'd come to the experts.:D

Is 303 SS Reach Compliant? It was a little easier with RoHS to find the answers I need but I'm not having the same luck with REACH.

Thanks Guys (and Gals)
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Re: Is 303 SS Reach Compliant?

I won't be available to do this much longer so I will give you my research methods, if not the actual answer.

Unfortunately the database on European Chemicals Agency, is not working right now - otherwise I would use it to check for the makeup of 303 stainless: Fe, <0.15% C, 17-19% Cr, 8-10% Ni, <2% Mn, <1% Si, <0.2% P, >0.15%S.

I hope this helps! I welcome a better answer from anyone. :cool:


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We're a Swiss auto machine shop/job shop. So, we make component metal parts from barstock. We use 303SS alot and of course one of our customers is asking for REACH on their entire part list. For them 8 of 9 parts uses 303 stainless. I did some internet searching and couldn't lock down this material.


Does Reach also mean Rohs complaince?

If a supplier gives you a decleration to Reach does it conform to Rohs.
Does each have the same chemical restrictions as Rohs?
This happens to be for a power cord imported.
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