Is a Manufacturing Process Sheet required for each Component?


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We are a manufacturing industry with expertise in Medical equipment Machines.
All the manufacturing of the components required are manufactured inhouse through VMC, Lathe, Boring machine etc.
Also some processes are outsourced. Ex: Plating, HT, Painting etc.

BOM of 1 machine comprises of approx 800 machining components & batch production is followed.

Currently the key processes are given in BOM itself.

Now the doubt is, is it recommended to have a process sheet for each component ? (Change management would be a problem)
My concern is, it is tedious 1st time work to do for about 2000 components. If it does not work all the effort would go waste.

Please suggest on your experience

How do you know what to make and how?

We do 2500 different parts. Each has a process sheet indicating the various steps required, tooling, machines, etc.


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Currently we have only BOM & Component drawing.
BOM shows if it is std part or to be manufactured. What operation must be done. Passivation/ Plating/ Anodizing.
But what it does not tell is, in a machining component which operation must be done first. Turning/Milling. Also, if there is any machining operation after the plating/ passivation. QC personnel are doing it by looking at drawings

I guess it depends on how "simple" you want to make things. If your personnel are trained and experienced enough to look at a drawing and determine what to do first, then you'll be ok. But if you want to make is easier for less experienced personnel to understand, then you're better off with a detailed process sheet. Today's computer systems make this easy. Good luck.

Ajit Basrur

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Agree with Golfman25.

It would be good to decouple the instructions from the BOM. These instructions could be based on individual components, or family of components or process, based on the complexity of manufacturing.

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