Is an attribute gage study appropriate for pin gages?


I have a question concerning when to use a Kappa study for an MSA. We use it on our Attribute gages, like pin gages, width gages, visual inspections, etc. Is this the study to use? A pin gage goes or it does not go. I am confusing myself on this one.


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You could set this up either way. If you strictly use it as go/no-go, then an attribute study would be appropriate. However, you could also set it up as a continuous gage study by using a set of gage pins and selecting the pin that best fits. I recommend using the approach that best duplicates your actual usage.


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We have to start doing these as well and I am not sure how we are going to do this because we have bushings that come in from the manufacturer already made and they have a 20micron tolerance, but they are already premade. I cant make any that cover the tolerance range for ANOVA. And for our tests, our document says to use 20 parts
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