Is anyone using Impact Software? Is there something else similar?



Hi guys,
Has anyone ever used Impact Software?
Is there something else similar?
Any comments on effectiveness, cost, ease of use, etc.; would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance for your help!


Our company uses IMPACT and it hasn't eactly gotten rave reviews here from the users. It was a management decision to buy, and everyone knows how those go. I do understand, though, that it has gone through 1 or 2 rev levels, though, which supposedly make it more user friendly. But, for whatever reason, our company hasn't upgraded. IMPACT has several fields that aren't required by the APQP manual. Why, I don't know. It also ties into the FMEA and if you have a lot of potential failure modes, it prints them all out on the control plan. One of our Mfg. Eng's figured out how to bypass that, but it is a pain in the ass (excuse my french). IMHO, there are better packages out there. Some packages offer complete document control, from work instructions to control plans, and tie them all together by links. Keep looking is my suggestion.
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