Is calibration of digital panel important in any semicon company?



Is calibration of digital panel important in any semicon company? You see these panel meters are used in IR sensor, does it requires a calibration or not? Need help co'z I'm starting to draft a procedure(I was ordered to)on these meters and I don't know if this is only a waste of time


The fundamental questions you have to ask - and answer - are these:

  • Is the meter used to measure a parameter that is important to the quality of the product?
  • Does it matter if the meter reading is wrong?

If what is being measured is important to assure the quality of the product, then the meter must be calibrated. If it matters if the reading is wrong then the meter must be calibrated.

Notice that I have not said anything about the TYPE of meter. That is because the type of meter (digital or analog, electronic or mechanical) does not matter when determining the need for calibration. (These factors ARE important, though, when determining the required accuracy and precision.) It also does not matter what your process is. You have to ask the same questions.

The only thing that would be a waste of time would be if you answer both of the questions "No" -- because then you have to ask "why am I making this measurement at all?"

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As much of my background is in semiconductor related calibrations, please give me some more detail and I will try to give you a good answer.


thank's guys. I'll just continue drafting a procedure for these meters
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