Is design change applicable (7.3.7)?


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Here's a problem that has come up. The scenario is:

A component on a circuit board is no longer available to purchase. Engineering does some research, determines an alternate replacement part and passes the part number on to purchasing via an updated parts list.

The question is, does this situation fall into the design change clause (7.3.7) whereby the change is reviewed, verified and validated?

Currently there is no evidence of verification or validation but does there need to be?

I'm lookin' for some input here......


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I am pretty ignorant with respect to electronics, but here's my take.

If the new component performance is identical to the old one, this is not a design change.

What is Engineering's take on it? They are really the one's who have the knowledge to answer this.

Hope this help's a bit.



Design or no design

I think the question is whether Engineering "designed" a new component, or if they just found a different part from a vendor.
passes the part number on to purchasing via an updated parts list
This makes me think they found a suitable part from buyer.

An example: Your job is to purchase PCBs. Engineering gives you specs on what to buy, and you buy them. The make and model normally used is no longer available. If Engineering designs a new replacement PCB and either your company, or a vendor builds it to the specs, you are design responsible. If Engineering just finds another PCB, already being manufactured, then you are not design responsible.

I think the important question is not with who owns the design, but what activities you perform.
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