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Is it necessary for every written procedure and work instruction to be controlled?


Tom Goetzinger

Is it necessary for every written procedure and work instruction to be controlled and appear on the master list of controlled documents? For instance, if someone is creating a "how to do" manual of all the tasks they are responsible for, (intent is as a training tool for their replacement), should this be a controlled document? If we have this type of how-to manual for one job description, do we need them for all job descriptions?



Captain Nice
Staff member
There does not have to be one big list, you know.

Training documents should be controlled - but can be controlled locally.

I think you're reading too much in to document control.

Kevin Mader

One of THE Original Covers!
Staff member
I agree with Marc on all points. In a sense, all the procedures/work instructions documented in the program are created for training purposes. The idea behind the Quality Program (documents) is to bring continuity to the Quality System (workers working to the Program). This would apply if someone were to leave an organization or if they were to be on extended leave (sick, vacation, etc.). Replacement associates would be able to pick up and do the job with minimal interruption and with similar results. Minimize the variation, keep the process stable. Good luck!
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