Is it obligatory that only trained personel can carry out calibration?



Is it obligatory that only trained personell can carry out calibration?
There are no requirements in 4.11 or somewhere else in ISO 9001/2/3.

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In QS9000 paragraph 4.11.2.b.1 , there is reference to 4.10.6 . states "..The personnel making professional judgment with reference to testing and/or calibration shall have appropriate background and experience (see "

In paragraph of QS9000 it states "The supplier shall identify resource requirements and provide adequate resources, including the assignment of trained personnel (se 4.18), for management, performance of work and verification activities, internal quality audits."

The requirement for trained personnel are not directly addressed in 4.11, but when you follow around through QS9000, it is there. In ISO 10012-1, there are also specific requirements for trained personnel.

In my view, this is a common sense requirement. Anyone doing a job function that requires specific technical knowledge needs to know how to do his or her job. The QS9000 goes only a little further by requiring that you have documentation to show that they know how to do their job correctly.

I hope this was helpful.

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